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Joe Gradwohl - Owner • Master Carpet Cleaner

Joe Gradwohl, master carpet cleaner in Dimondale, MI

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Hello Dimondale! My name is Joe Gradwohl, and I am the owner of Buff N' Shine. We at Buff N' Shine take pride in our commitment to superior carpet cleaning services in Dimondale. The service and results we achieve are the most thorough possible, or your money back. We strive to provide the best professional service in carpet cleaning, as well as upholstery and tile and grout, and hard-surface floor care for homeowners and businesses who care about quality. We are a professional carpet cleaning company that serves residents and commercial properties in the Dimondale, Michigan area since 1984. I graduated from Michigan State University, and I have enjoyed strong ties to the area in and around Dimondale, MI. I raised my 2 kids in the area around Dimondale.

Buff N' Shine's Carpet Cleaning Approach
in Dimondale, Michigan

When you hire Buff N' Shine for your carpet cleaning needs, I will be involved in every job — not a different, unfamiliar technician. Buff N' Shine is what's known as an owner-operated business. Meaning I will be your master carpet cleaner every time you call. Don't settle for bigger companies that send inexperienced technicians. Give me a call! I look forward to serving you.

What makes Buff N' Shine shine? Dimondale, MI

When you hire someone to clean your carpets, you don't want to hire a budget cleaner. They work too fast to get to their next job, and they don't give you a thorough cleaning. You really get what you pay for in carpet cleaning. If you want the most thorough cleaning ever, at a fair and honest price, and great customer service is important to you, give us a call at Buff N' Shine. You'll get a friendly, pleasant, and complete service, with experience and knowledge you can trust.

At Buff N' Shine, we always strive to achieve the best results possible. When you hire Buff N' Shine for carpet cleaning services, you can count on:

  • 100% Complete satisfaction
  • The most thorough cleaning possible — or it's free!
  • Expert work from a fully licensed and insured company
  • Manufacturer-approved cleaning methods
  • Superior workmanship quality
  • Decades of carpet cleaning experience
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Healthy, Clean, Shining carpets in Dimondale, MI. Contact Buff N' Shine today!

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